Imperial Promos

Imperial Units
Darth Vader (Commander)Maximum Firepower2018
74-Z Speeder BikesRallypoint Qualifier 2019
StormtrooperTournament Promo 2018
AT-ST Not Yet Available  Unknown
General VeersAdepticon PromosOngoing
SnowtrooperSeason Three Ground Assault 2018
E-Web Heavy Blaster TeamSeason Three Ground Assault 2018
Boba Fett Not Yet Available  Unknown
Scout TrooperSeason One 2019
Scout Trooper Strike TeamSeason One2019
Emperor PalpatineHigh Command2019
Imperial Royal GuardSeason One2019
Imperial Officer  Not Yet Available Unknown
Director Orson KrennicNorth American Continental2019
Imperial Death TrooperSeason Two2019
Imperial Death Trooper (Blue)Grand Championship2019
Tx-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault TankSeason Two Premium Kit2019
BosskGrand Championship2019
ShoretrooperSeason Three Premium Kit2019
DF-90 Mortar TrooperSeason Three Premium Kit2019
Dewback RiderNorth American Continental 2019
Darth Vader (Operative)Prime Championship 2019
Imperial Commands
Darth Vader (Commander)Adepticon PromosOngoing
General Veers  Not Yet Available Unknown
Boba Fett  Not Yet Available Unknown
Emperor PalpatineHigh Command 2019
Imperial PersonnelNorth American Continental 2019
Director Orson KrennicNorth American Continental2019
BosskGrand Championship 2019
Darth Vader (Operative)Prime Championship 2019
Imperial Upgrades
Stormtrooper (Aurebesh)Season One Ground Assault 2018
DLT-19 StormtrooperSeason Four Ground Assault 2018
General WeissMaximum Firepower 2018
SnowtrooperSeason Four Ground Assault 2018
DLT-19x SniperSeason One  2019
Force ChokeSeason One2019
E-11D Focused Fire/Grenade Launcher ConfigSeason Two2019

Rebel Promos

Rebel Units
Luke Skywalker (Commander) Not Yet Available  Unknown
AT-RTSeason Three Ground Assault 2018
Rebel TroopersTournament Promo 2018
T-47 AirspeederMaximum Firepower 2018
Leia OrganaAdepticon PromosOngoing
Fleet TroopersSeason Three Ground Assault 2018
1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team  Not Yet Available Unknown
Han Solo (Misprint)Adepticon PromosOngoing
Rebel CommandosSeason One 2019
Rebel Commandos Strike TeamSeason One2019
Chewbacca  Not Yet Available Unknown
Wookie Warriors  Not Yet Available Unknown
Rebel OfficerRallypoint Qualifier 2019
Jyn ErsoNorth American Continental2019
Rebel PathfindersSeason Two2019
Rebel Pathfinders (Red)Grand Championship 2019
X-34 LandspeederSeason Two Premium Kit2019
Sabine WrenGrand Championship2019
Rebel VeteransSeason Three Premium Kit 2019
Mark II Medium Blaster TrooperSeason Three Premium Kit 2019
Tauntaun RidersSeason Two2019
Tauntaun Riders (Red)North American Continental 2019
Luke Skywalker (Operative)Prime Championship2019
R2D2 Not Yet Available  Unknown
C-3P0 Not Yet Available  Unknown
Rebel Commands
Luke Skywalker (Commander)Adepticon PromosOngoing
Leia Organa Not Yet Available  Unknown
Han Solo  Not Yet Available Unknown
Chewbacca  Not Yet Available Unknown
Rebel PersonnelNorth American Continental2019
Jyn ErsoNorth American Continental2019
Sabine WrenGrand Championship2019
Luke Skywalker (Operative)Prime Championship2019
R2D2  Not Yet Available
Rebel Upgrades
Rebel Trooper (Aurebesh)Season One Ground Assault 2018
Z-6 Rebel TrooperSeason Four Ground Assault 2018
Wedge AntillesMaximum Firepower 2018
Fleet TrooperSeason Four Ground Assault 2018
DH-447 SniperSeason One 2019
A-300 Short/Long Range ConfigSeason Two2019

Republic Promos

Republic Units
R2D2  Not Yet Available Unknown
C-3P0  Not Yet Available Unknown
Obi-Wan Kenobi  Not Yet Available Unknown
Phase I Clone TroopersSeason Three2019
BARC SpeederSeason Three2019
Clone Captain Rex  Not Yet Available Unknown
Phase II Clone Troopers  Not Yet Available Unknown
TX-130 Saber Tank  Not Yet Available Unknown
Republic Commands
R2D2Not Yet AvailableUnknown
Obi-Wan KenobiNot Yet Available Unknown
Clone Captain RexNot Yet Available Unknown
Republic Upgrades
Phase I Clone TrooperSeason Three 2019
Z-6 Phase I TrooperSeason Three2019
DC-15 Phase I Trooper (Misprint)Season Three2019

CIS Promos

CIS Units
General Grevious  Not Yet Available Unknown
B1 Battle DroidsSeason Three2019
DroidekasSeason Three2019
Count Dooku  Not Yet Available Unknown
B2 Super Battle Droids  Not Yet Available Unknown
AAT Trade Federation Tank  Not Yet Available Unknown
CIS Commands
General Grevious Not Yet Available  Unknown
Count Dooku Not Yet Available  Unknown
CIS Upgrades
B1 Battle DroidSeason Three2019
E-60R B1 TrooperSeason Three2019
E-5C B1 TrooperSeason Three2019

Neutral Promos

Generic Commands
Ambush (Aurebesh)Season Two Ground Assault2018
Push (Aurebesh)Season Two Ground Assault2018
Assault (Aurebesh)Season Two Ground Assault 2018
Standing Orders (Alt 1)Adepticon PromosOngoing
Standing Orders (Alt 2)Adepticon PromosOngoing
Generic Upgrades
Saber ThrowSeason One2019
TenacitySeason One 2019
HunterSeason One2019
Fragmentation GrenadesSeason Four Ground Assault2018
Environmental GearSeason Four Ground Assault2018
EnduranceSeason Two 2019
Tokens and Tools
Wound Token (Acrylic)Maximum Firepower 2018
Round Counter (Acrylic White Imperial)Maximum Firepower 2018
Deployment Markers (Acrylic)Maximum Firepower 2018
Victory Tokens (Metal)Maximum Firepower 2018
2×2 Binder (Box Art)Maximum Firepower 2018
Commander Token (Metal Imperial)Season 1 Recruitment Kit 2018
Commander Token (Metal Rebel)Season 1 Recruitment Kit 2018
Aim Token (Acrylic)Season 2 Ground Assault 2018
Dodge Token (Acrylic)Season 2 Ground Assault 2018
Suppression Token (Acrylic)Season 2 Ground Assault 2018
Panic Token (Acrylic)Season 3 Ground Assault 2018
Standby Token (Acrylic)Season 3 Ground Assault 2018
Ion Token (Acrylic)Season 3 Ground Assault 2018
Vehicle Disabled Token (Acrylic)Season 4 Ground Assault 2018
Poison Token (Gold Acrylic)Grand Championship2019
Graffiti Token (Acrylic)Grand Championship 2019
Order Token Set (2019 Grand Champions)Grand Championship 2019
Unit Holder – Operative (Plastic)Grand Championship 2019
Suppression Token (Gold Acrylic)High Command 2019
Unit Holder – Commander (Plastic)High Command 2019
Round Counter (Acrylic Black/Gold Imperial)High Command 2019
Order Token Set (Acrylic Imperial)Rallypoint Qualifier 2019
Token Bag (Rebel)Rallypoint Qualifier 2019
Unit ID Markers (Acrylic)Rallypoint Qualifier 2019
Order Token Set (Vader)North American Continental 2019
Unit Holder – Corps (Plastic)North American Continental 2019
Red Promo DiceSeason Two Premium Kit 2019
White Promo Dice (Clear)Season Three Premium Kit 2019
Victory Tokens – Empire (Acrylic)Prime Championship 2019
Victory Tokens – Rebel (Acrylic) Prime Championship 2019
Victory Tokens – Separatist (Acrylic) Prime Championship 2019
Victory Tokens – Republic (Acrylic) Prime Championship 2019
Order Token Set (Luke Skywalker)Prime Championship 2019
Commander Token (Medallion)Prime Championship 2019
Foam Trooper Box (Luke/Vader)Prime Championship 2019

Store Kits and Codes

Season 1 Recruitment Kit (2018)OP056
Season 2 Ground Assault (2018) G18L2
Season 3 Ground Assault (2018) G18L3
Season 4 Ground Assault (2018) G18L4
Rallypoint Qualifier (2019)
Season One (2019)   G19L1
Season Two (2019) G19L2
Season Two Premium Kit (2019)
Season Three (2019) G19L3
Season Three Premium Kit (2019)