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Legion Tournament Circuit Roadmap (28APR19)

Hello there!

As the Legion Tournament Circuit grows, we plan on implimenting several features to our website. The following improvements are being worked on now!

  • Community Database similar to the Rally Point locator. This will include a form to submit your store name, nights you play legion, and best way to contact the group (Facebook, Discord, etc)
  • List of Community sponsors
  • Dynamic map of all Rally Point Qualifiers and Community Locations. Once both the Databases have been created, we plan to turn these into a map so you can quickly find your closest Legion communities and competitive events.
  • Working back to home buttons!
  • Mobile optimizations
  • Terrain gallery organized by biome
  • More to be announced!

We appreciate your support in this project, and look forward to creating more content as the year progresses.

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