ELO ratings are calculated after every single match. The algorithm considers your score as well as your opponents before a match. If the outcome was unexpected (i.e. an upset) then a large number of points are taken from the losing player and awarded to the winning player. If the outcome was expected, then the exchange in points is minimal.

Example: BushFacts has a rating of 1400 points and plays against Griffin who has 1000 points. ELO gives Griffin a 9% probability of winning and BushFacts a 91% probability of winning. If BushFacts wins, he will gain (9% x 32) 2.9pts, and Griffin will lose 2.9pts. But if there’s an upset and Griffin wins, he will gain (91% x 32) 29.1pts, and BushFacts will lose 29.1pts. If opponents’ scores are closer, this exchange is much less. If two players with equal scores compete, one will walk away having gained 16pts while the other will have lost 16pts.

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The following shows ratings of the top 100 rated players, based on players with 10 or more games recorded. The ratings will be updated roughly every Monday. If you do not see yourself on this list, feel free to email me at BushFactsAnalytics@gmail.com and I will send you your rating.

Last update: March 3, 2020

The following shows the tournaments that are included in this ELO Rating System. Included are all FFG OP tournaments that have been made available to BushFacts, as well as a few specifically large (but unofficial) tournaments. If you have a tournament you think is missing, email BushFactsAnalytics@gmail.com